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Quality Control

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Cert No. 6019-QMS-001


Quality Policy Statement

R & J Anodising Ltd has been running for well over 35 years, and it specialises in the provision of metal finishing services to marine, telecoms and engineering industries. The company operates from a premise of 10,0000 sq ft and is able to cater for both high volume and extended length work but can also provide the same fast and efficient service to its small but valued customers. It is recognised that top management must establish, implement and maintain the company quality policy and ensure that it is communicated both within the organisation and to relevant interested parties as appropriate.

It is the policy of the organisation to maintain its Quality Management System which has been established to comply with requirements of the Internal Quality Management Systems Standard BS EN ISO9001: 2015 and aims to contribute positively to providing services that satisfy customer's requirements, whilst meeting the company's own market and profitability objectives.

The continued success of the company depends upon the development of good relations with its clients and selected sub-contractors/ suppliers, which results in further recommendations and referrals. Therefore, the objective of this Quality Management System is to provide continuous customer satisfaction through the provision of a high quality service, which is equal to, or where possible, exceeds the agreed contract requirements of its customers.

The management team recognise that the Quality Management System (QMS) embodied within the supporting documentation can only form a base on which more comprehensive quality aims can be built. The company sets specific Quality Objectives and Targets relating to the company's improvement of its QMS. These objectives and targets are reviewed using the company's Internal Audit and Management Review process. The objectives and targets are related to content of the company's Quality Policy.

The company is committed to quality of service, customer support and all employees are individually responsible for maintaining and assuring quality in all their duties, included within the QMS and laid down in the company's Quality Manual, procedures and supporting process operations. This policy is communicated to and understood by all staff within the organisation.

A major feature of the company's general commitment is to engender an understanding by each employee that their personal input and effort in achieving a defect free service, is vital to both the success of the quality programme and the future prosperity of all company personnel.

The management of R & J Anodising Ltd intends that the QMS forms a part of the established systems already embedded  within the organisation. Whilst all activities require distinct treatment, all aspects are inextricably linked, therefore, the way in which the company operates is reflected in and by how the QMS is operated and maintained.

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